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IPO "Ecopartnership"

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МОО "Экопартнёрство"


2 Talbukhina Str. , (office 20) 5th floor Minsk
220 012 Minsk





Minsk Oblast


Priority 2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure

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Alina Bushmovich

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Executive Director


+375 29 3 100 580


Project idea (in English)

Improving Waste Management Services for the Rural Population, Grodno Oblast Housing and utilities (H&U) services constitute critical basic conditions on which the quality of people’s everyday life directly depends, in particular the provision of waste management services. The deficiencies in providing waste management services to local population, usually highly visible (illegal waste dumping, littering). The consequences of such deficiencies have led to many adverse environmental impacts with the subsequent health effects on the local population. At present the majority of villages only receive a monthly collection, at best, with some receiving no coverage at all due to a lack of resources and low awareness amongst the rural population. Hazardous wastes produced by the rural population are not collected at all. The current system is not working or, at best, not working well. Strengthening local governance is clearly a pre-requisite if these deficiencies are to be resolved.

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