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Dobromyl City Council

Organisation name in national language

Добромильська міська рада


square Rynok 1
82042 Dobromyl





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Nataliia Bandura

Position/function within the organisation

consultant Chairman of the District Council on cross-border cooperation




Project idea (in English)

Issues related to environmental protection in the border areas of Ukraine and Poland,is one of the key areas of cross-border cooperation of neighboring countries.Residents concerned about the issue of centralized water supply and sewage of the city.Dobromyl stretches along the river funnels,originating in Poland.m.Dobromyl no centralized sewage system.Domestic economic-faecal sewage in absent.IS sewage system threatens to drain water from getting into the river,which could lead to the death of aquatic ecosystems.There is a danger decline in fish stocks and r.Vihor Sian.To be vulnerable areas of the neighboring country because of river pollution will prevent breeding species in its source (natural spawning). In addition, along with municipal wastewater (especially if they are not cleaned or cleared),the river with sewage through a variety of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses),fungal spores, eggs of worms, etc., many of which are pathogenic for people, animals and plants. And despite the existing state borders Vyrva its waters with existing microorganisms in Vigor occrrring in Poland

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