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Lviv City Public Organization “Tourists club "Manivci”

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Львівська міська громадська організація "Туристсько-спортивний клуб "Манівці"


Galileo str. 7/1a
79014 Lviv





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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already have partners: Local Action Group "Zielone Bieszczady"

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Taras Biloshytskyi

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Project idea (in English)

Project "Construction of Sports and Recreational School in the Berezyna village, Mykolayiv region, on the coast of the Dniester river." The school provides sports disciplines training activities, such as: rowing slalom, canoe polo, judo and climbing to be performed for the inhabitants of Mykolayiv region (no age restrictions), as well as children, youth and adults with disabilities (visually impaired, deaf, cerebral palsy), since both categories are deficient in access to physical education and sport. The school aims to become a place of physical education and sports, leisure, and counteraction of alcoholism for rural residents of all ages, and to promote the development of volunteer and tutelary movement in the region. The implementation of the project has already begun – canoe polo and rowing slalom trainings are currently held, together with the work for preparing the site for a future school. The project will cover the conduction of educational camps for teachers and volunteers from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, exchange of experience and best practices.

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