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Zapolskiej 5/23
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Podlaskie Voivodeship


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Alina Bednarz

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Polish women in Belarus and Belarussian women in Poland and their cultural heritage The aim of the project is to discover and describe stories of various women- actresses, artists, poets, novelists, which were born and lived in former Eastern borderlands of II Republic of Poland , areas which after establishing the boarders in the end of II World War become to be foreign territories. Polish women in Belarus and Belarussian women in Poland. Those women lived there, created and worked across divide and cultural differences, adhere to cultural heritage. Those women rendered a service for Polish and Belarussian culture, historical heritage and social communities. The women’s stories will be discovered and described by the team made up of Polish and Belarussian journalists, historians and sociologists researchers. The result of the research will be published as a printed and digital map of memorials, audiobook and printed publication with “herstories”. At the end of the project will be organised 10 meetings in Belarussian and Polish towns and villages.

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