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Roman Catholic Parish St. Peter of Alcantara and St. Anthony of Padua in Węgrów

Organisation name in national language

Parafia Rzymskokatolicka pw. św. Piotra z Alkantary i św. Antoniego z Padwy w Węgrowie


ul. Kościuszki 27a
07-100 Węgrów





Mazowieckie Voivodeship


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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already have partners: No

Name & surname

Marek Soszyński

Position/function within the organisation

Project Manager


+48 602 586 830


Project idea (in English)

The city W?grów lies on the former boundary between Poland and Lithuania. For centuries different cultures and religions clashed here (Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, Orthodox). The idea of the project is to transfer former 300 years old monastery into the Center for Dialogue of Cultures and Religious Tolerance. We search a partner which can be any institution related to the culture, intending to develop similar center. The activities of partners will consist in: - Revitalization of the available buildings and spaces for the needs of the Centers - Exchange of experience and personnel - Cultural, educational, social, religious and information activities for children, youth and adults and the organization of international exchange in order to bring together the people, religions and countries, in cooperation with NGOs, institutions, local government - Developing and promotion of common offer for visitors - Jointly conferences, courses, publications, ecc.

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