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Territorial Medical Association Region of Luboml and Szack

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Територіальне медичне обєднання Любомльського і Шацького районів


Street Brest, 70
44300 Luboml





Volynska Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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Vladimir Dybel

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Director General




Project idea (in English)

Name: "Preventing the manifestation of social aggression, which is a consequence of mental, psychological and post-traumatic stress disorder in patients at risk inLyubomlsky, Shatsky, Starovyzhivskiyregions (Ukraine) and t.Janow (Poland) through their medical and psycho-social rehabilitation to healthy and safe society " The participants anti-terrorist operation (ATO) have not solemly health problems but mental and psychological problems as well because in the zone of ATO social values were quite different than in civilian life, where they feel necessary and performed important military duty, but returned home again fell into an ordinary peaceful life in which there is no work, financial stability, social security and so on. Psychological and physical assistance is needed for each soldier. In social adaptation, arrangements or return to work, help with training, if required - in short, a return to a "normal" life. The IDPs have mental and psychological problems related to the fact that they are detached from their roots, faced with financial problems and social derivation.

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