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Novyi Rosdil Local Hospital

Organisation name in national language

Новороздільська міська лікарня


Vynnychenko Street, 37
81652 Novyi Rosdil





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Kateryna Shymanska

Position/function within the organisation

Doctor, obstetrician, gynecologist


0677162452, (03261)24438 (the same for FAX)


Project idea (in English)

Aim of the project: to establish the cooperation with the foreign partners to improve the obstetrics and gynecology service; to involve much more women in examinations, early detection and prevention of oncogynaecological illnesses; to introduce vaccination from cancer of the cervix; to achieve better results in obstetrics and gynaecology service; to learn European standards from experienced foreign doctors; to organise web conferences, trainings, Skype consultation; the prevention of the illnesses in the female population – 90%, the doctors’ participation: gynaecologist – 6, obstetricians – 7, nurses – 10. It’s necessary to involve much more doctors in the project and explain about the modern and perspective development of medicine. Modern obstetrics and gynecology department is the investment for our future. Nowadays medicine experiences hard time of reform and introduction of new European standards. Novyi Rosdil Hospital tries to lead modern life, but poor funding prevents the realization of new reforming ideas. Our town has got many problems because of financial expenses. This concerns also the local hospital. For example, the repairing or buying modern equipment that helps effectively diagnose and treat gynaecological patients, pregnant, childbirth and newborns. In our hospital there are very experienced and fully-qualified obstetricians and neonatologists. But because of the lack of modern equipment and proper conditions our pregnant choose hospitals in other towns or cities. That’s why we would like to invite our foreign colleagues for further cooperation. The actual problems are also connected with the diagnostic and treatment of oncogynaecology patients, especially precancerous condition of the cervix and mammary glands. Novyi Rosdil Hospital serves 15421of the female population of the town and 8560 of women of the surrounding villages. Our hospital consists of such departments as therapy, neurology, urology, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, children’s, anaesthesiology and reanimation, day care and clinic where you can find family medicine, women's consultation, pathology room of cervix, family planning room and other many rooms of different specialization. Obstetrics and gynaecology department contains 9 gynaecological beds and 16 maternity beds. During the year 393 women gave birth to their children, 281 patients were operated, 149 oncogynaecology patients are registered as “D”: ca vulve 4, ca colli uteri 50, ca corporis uteri 68, ca ovarium 27. 328 women are under control in the women's consultation room, 97 women with erosion of the uterus, 24 with the uterine dysplasia. Such illnesses depend much on the air pollution because of the plant on producing sulphur and other chemical products between 1960-2000 years. The available capacity of the hospital and medical staff allows increasing the quantity and quality of health services. For this we need to improve the material and technical implementation and to buy new modern equipment such as Ultrasound machine, hysteroscopy, argon plasma coagulation, gynaecological laparoscopic rack, kardiotokohraf, sterilization equipment , gynaecological chairs, CPAP machine, a bed for the birth transformer, tools for childbirth and gynaecological examinations, incubator for phototherapy. Having such equipment and a suitable program of the prevention of the oncogynaecological pathology gives us an opportunity to prevent illnesses and cure the maximum number of the female population of the town and surrounding villages.

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