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Yavoriv National Natural Park

Organisation name in national language

Яворівський національний природний парк


st. Green 23
81070 Ivano-Frankove






Lvivska Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Serhiy Marunyak

Position/function within the organisation

vice director




Project idea (in English)

Project Title:'RoveLove Roztochia - together across borders' Thematic Objective: Promote local culture and historic preservation. Priorities: Promotion of local culture and history. Promotion and preservation of natural heritage. The project aims for the residents of Lviv and Lublin regions and tourists visiting Roztocze in particular Yavorivskiy National Park and Roztocze National Park. The aim of the project is creating measures of implementation and promotion of the International Central cycling route 'Roztocze' from the city Krasnik (Poland) to Lviv city and creating auspicious conditions for the protection of the environment on both sides of the border. The priority of project is the development of international tourism movement in the Polish-Ukrainian border area in particular between Lviv and Lublin province. Cooperation between Yavoriv National Park and Roztocze National Park in area of environmental protection will create the conditions for sustainable development of border areas, international cooperation and environmental protection in the region Roztocze.

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