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Departament of Education

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Управління освіти Кельменецької державної адміністрації


Chernivetska obl. Kelmentsy,Centralna str.2
60100 Chernivetska oblast, Kelmentsy





Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Martynyk Lubov

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The Head of the Educational





Project idea (in English)

We would like to tell you about collaborative work of Secondary School of Babyn Kel’mentsi district, Chernivtsi oblast’ with Babyn House of Culture and Village Council concerning with the preparation and celebration of the traditional Babyn Malankacustom or so-called “Kozachky”, the common name of this tradition. The day before the holiday pupils of our school and residents of Babyn village gather in the House of Culture and prepare masks and costumes. On the Eve January 14 (the New Year’s Night by the Old Style Calendar), the real transformations take place in our village. Pupils and people of our village wear elaborate costumes and masks and take to the streets of the village. A folk music accompanies this ceremony. Unusual characters participate here. There are 4 boys, so-called “kozachky”, wearing the costumes of “warriors,” the “Horse” – the boy, wearing a coat with the horse on his chest,made of cloth, the “Guide” – the boy who conducts the “Horse”; the “Old men” – the adults wearing white costumes with bells and masks on their faces. Politicians or prominent

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