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International Public organization “SOS-Children’s Villages” (Belarus)

Organisation name in national language

Международная общественная организация "SOS-Детские деревни" (Беларусь)


Legal address: Republic of Belarus, 223053 Borovljany, Minsk district, “SOS-Children’s Village”; Physical address: Republic of B
220004 Minsk





Minsk Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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already have partners: Republican Public Organization «Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs»; International Educational Non-Governmental Organization “ACT”; International Public Association «Gender Perspectives»; Educational establishment “Office for European Expertise and Com

Name & surname

Tatsiana Babeikina

Position/function within the organisation

National Family Based Care Adviser




Project idea (in English)

Project will be focused on strengthening of national support system of vulnerable youngsters to activate and prepare them to independent living. Project addresses social and economic youth empowerment and strengthening of youngsters’ participation in decision-making on their lives. Youth Support Center will be established under the project for providing tailor made services for youth: trainings, consultations, workshops, actions, social events, etc. Project will encourage volunteering, peer education, youth councils, youth clubs, campaigning activities and membership in groups of interest which will make a positive contribution to their communities and become a natural part of young people’s lives. Moreover, project activities will focus on professionals’ capacity building of state and non-state organizations and encourage their role in public services delivering. To reduce stigma and persistent negative perceptions in the society towards orphans, children from crisis families, the project with other partners will provide support to facilitate behavioural and social changes.

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