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ResPublic Ltd

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ResPublic sp. z o.o.


Trębacka 4 office 308
00-074 Warsaw





Mazowieckie Voivodeship


Priority 2.2 Development of ICT infrastructure

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already have partners: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

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Agnieszka Esz

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Managing Director




Project idea (in English)

Support for social communication process in Ukraine (ad Belarus if partners will be found) in process of regions' transformation for self-government solutions. Internet platform will be created for interactive communication, consultations, research and project management. Experiences will be gathered as a transformation good practice database. Platform will enable sharing opinions on practices, integrate and engage communities (representatives of rural, district and city councils, regional, cities and districts) in the process of transformation. Communities will also have opportunities to ask questions and express their doubts during meetings when best practices will be presented. Our proposal, apart from growth in use of new technology, will also contribute to improving competencies of regions’ and other administrative unit’s representativesPlatform could also be used for cyclical research on remaining (not engaged yet) regions’ readiness for transformation, barriers perceived as crucial and ways of overcoming them. This can be basis for systemic actions supporting transformation.

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