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Department of economic development of Berezhanska local state administration

Organisation name in national language

Відділ економічного розвитку Бережанської районної державної адміністрації


Ternopil region, Berezhany, street Shevcenko,15
47501 Berezhany





Ternopilska Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Svitlana Lypna

Position/function within the organisation

Chief specialist Department of economic development of Berezhanska local state administration




Project idea (in English)

Сreation of non-profit road company that will do repair local roads and will be controlled by the local community of Berezhany district . This will be an alternative to state institutions, that do not provide quality and efficient repair of roads. The need to repair roads is 160,4km of all roads of state property , 83,3 km of Berezhany streets and 298,7 km of villages’s streets. Additionally, it is necessary to build hard coverage on the 34,4km streets in Berezhany and 171 km of streets in rural areas. Providing road’s infrastructure of good quality, especially in rural areas needed to: - maintenance of viability of population especially rural; providing of grant of quality social services by the state:medical, educational, observance of law and order - providing of labour employment of rural population; - an improvement of quality of life and communication of r For partial solution to these problems requires a set of road and construction equipment that can perform the full cycle of repair and construction work on roads. We need to buy necessary cars

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