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Belarusian public organization of farmers (BOOF)

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Белорусская общественная организация фермеров (БООФ)


Belarus, Minsk. Melezsa street, 1 - 1229
220113 Minsk





Minsk Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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already have partners: Slow Food Poland, Slow Food International. But we are also surch and disposed for cooperation with other partners.

Name & surname

Ihar Danilau

Position/function within the organisation

Convivium leader




Project idea (in English)

In Belarus there exists a big group of agricultural farms, which yet don’t have an opportunity to compete with major producers. The main problem is the absence of direct ties with consumers, whicharen’t familiar with the advantages and gastronomic featuresof eco-products. The system approach of our initiative to the revival of local, eco-friendly agricultural products will allow consumers to change their attitude towards these products and historical heritage of the culinary tradition which prospered over centuries. For this, a gastronomic expedition is devised. Its aim is search and collection of ancient recipes, support and preservation of small-scale farmers. In the project’s framework we plan to learn the experience of the association Slow Food Poland and implement their approaches. Our goal is to promote sustainable development through growth in the number of successful eco-farms, the revival of the traditional food culture, formation of mutually beneficial cross-border relations at the level of agricultural producers and consumers. Full description can be send upon request.

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