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Khoiniki regional executive committee

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Хойникский районный исполнительный комитет


86 Sovetskaya Street
247622 Khoiniki





Gomel Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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public administration

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Elena Ivkova

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+375 2346 21560


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Project name: "Landscaping".Khoiniki area is one of the most affected areas by the Chernobyl accident. The territory of the city Khoiniki belongs to the zone with the right of resettlement (territory with contamination density of cesium radionuclides soil - 137 from 185 to 555 kBq / m (5 to 15 Ci / km²) where the average annual radiation dose may exceed 1 mSv. ). The territory of the residential areas are not landscaped, leading to environmental degradation and significantly affects the health of residents, which further increases costs for its restoration. The big danger for man is getting radionuclides into the body through the respiratory with the inhaled air. There is a danger of transition of radioactive substances in the lower atmosphere. It is also necessary to prevent dust from entering the premises for which it is advisable to asphalting of the residential areas. Efforts should be made to establish and maintain the demographic balance, enhance the capacity of the environment and improve the welfare and sanitation at the local level, develop human resources.

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