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Committee of Ukraine ecological rescue

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Комітет екологічного порятунку України


LVIV Ochakivska,5
79000 LVIV





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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Oleg Bota

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Environment specialist




Project idea (in English)

1. Safety of drinking-water. Establishing the monitoring system of quality drinking-water in Western Ukraine. Sampling of drinking water, laboratory analysis, informing society, determination of pollution causes and sources. The question of water safety is important because the utility services providers do not have modern equipment, enough funding and motivation to achieve these objectives even in future. 2. Standards of food safety and general product safety. Conducting procurement control and laboratory analysis of products (food, cosmetics, toys etc.). The actuality of the project: application of the European approach of market control. Currently the Ukrainian regulatory bodies are in a process of reform under the conditions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and still are not effective enough to guarantee sufficient products and food safety control. 3. Renewable energy and energy efficiency. Holding a professional energy audit at public buildings (schools, kindergartens, museums, hospitals etc.), analysis of heat losses, preparation of recommendations and solutions

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