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Khoiniki regional executive committee

Organisation name in national language

Хойникский районный исполнительный комитет


86 Sovetskaya Street
247622 Khoiniki





Gomel Oblast


Priority 2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Elena Ivkova

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+375 2346 21560


Project idea (in English)

Create advanced asphalt pavement in Khoiniki will contribute more than one purpose: 1. The construction of modern roads in the city will create a safer environment for the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, through the construction of pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths. 2. Make Khoiniki city more attractive for investment and implementation of various projects. 3. Gives the opportunity to travel freely to all categories of citizens to socially significant objects of town and not to create obstacles for the disabled. 4. will increase accessibility and mobility of citizens in the city. 5. Allows to improve the ecological situation in the city, by reducing the area from which the radionuclides are able to penetrate into the lower layers of the atmosphere from the soil. This project aims to improve conditions for people living in Khoiniki and reduce the outflow of the population in the larger cities of the Republic of Belarus.

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