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Polessky State University

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Учреждение образования "Полесский государственный университет"


Dneprovskoy Flotilii, 23
225710 Pinsk





Brest Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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public administration

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Vice-Rector for Research


+375 29 666 30 41


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Development of cooperation between medical institutions of the Polish-Belarusian border zone in the establishment and operation of the centers personalized anticoagulant therapy: the interaction of laboratory and clinical methods of increasing the efficiency and safety of pharmacotherapy The main objective of the project is to improve the quality and availability of specialized medical care in hospitals in Poland and in Belarus. To achieve the goal through the exchange of knowledge and experience between the medical, educational and scientific institutions in the region. Partnerships between health care institutions is based on the idea of improving the health of the population of cross-border region, to improve access to specialized services, as well as improve the quality of diagnosis, treatment and prevention in ischemic diseases of the heart and brain. Results of the project will be related to an increase in medical staff skill levels through the introduction of modern diagnostic technology and medical equipment to be used on both sides of the border.

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