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Civil Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations in Volyn region

Organisation name in national language

Управління Державної служби з питань надзвичайних ситуацій у Волинській області


Elektroaparatna str 6
43020 Lutsk





Volynska Oblast


Priority 3.2 Addressing common security challenges

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Vladimir Nesterov

Position/function within the organisation

Chief of the interaction with the public and the media


+38 050 6691470


Project idea (in English)

Objectives of the action: Improvement of the protection of residents of Lutsk and the city of Zamosc threats of natural and man-made. <Specific objective(s)> 1. The citizens of the city of Lutsk and the city of Zamosc, who live and work in multi-storey buildings and homes - they may become victims of fires or emergencies resulting from natural disasters or man-made accidents. 2. Services that included in the special system of response to emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters. The project will be a set of symmetric measures to enhance of public consciousness on the safety of life and order of action in case of crisis. These measures will involve specialists of rescue services, volunteers, government local municipal services Lutsk and Zamosc. There will be a range of measures for increasing the efficiency management and emergencies in buildings with mass stay of people, building the infrastructure of the system, made the study of best practices in special response services in Poland.

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