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Sosnivka City Counsil

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Соснівська міська рада


Lvivska Oblast, Sosnivka, ul.Kryvonosa 8a
80193 Sosnivka





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Iryna Duvanova

Position/function within the organisation

Deputy of Sosnivka City Counsil




Project idea (in English)

Priority 3: Institutional collaboration and support of initiatives from local communities. The secure coexistence of people and animals in city Sosnivka, city Velyki Mosty, village of Silets’ and urban-type settlement Girnyk, which are located in the area bordering on Poland. Main partner: Sosnivka City Council. Partners Duration: 24 months Act: improve the availability of cross-border cooperation at regional and local levels. A large number of stray dogs in our settlements lead to unpleasant, horrible consequences. Their number is growing, and inhuman methods to regulate their population are striking the very soul by its cruelty. Our idea is to establish the animal shelter with veterinary and sterilization office in order to enhance security of local inhabitants in our region by regulating the number of stray dogs.

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