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Systems Engineering

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Системная инженерия


Pinsk, street Brestskaya, 172
225701 Pinsk





Brest Oblast


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

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Vladimir Shtepa

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Scientific consultant




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The idea is to use the technology developed by our company for municipal wastewater treatment and recycling of organic waste. Basic technological equipment is intended for treatment of domestic and industrial drains, including electroplating wastewater. The technology allows using physical fields (ultrasound, magnetic field, light emission and so on.) To control the supramolecular structure of aqueous solutions, yielding installing predefined parameters of water quality and / or composition of the extracted components. This equipment allows to process organic waste enterprises (meat-packing plants, poultry farms and others) preventing release into the environment of viruses, germs and bacteria. Competitive advantages of the equipment and the prospects of the program: a guaranteed environmental benefits and the possibility of implementing powers of the regional enterprises of neighboring territories (Poland - Belarus - Ukraine). The use of equipment in the sewage treatment of settlements will reduce pollution and improve the rationality of natural resources in the transbou

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