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International Foundation for Rural Development (Belarusian NGO)

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Международный фонд развития сельских территорий (беларусская НКО)


Kazintsa str. 62, office 402
220108 Минск





Minsk Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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Siarhei Tarasiuk

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+375 29 278 61 14


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We are looking for partners for joint actions aimed at supporting the sustainable development of cities and regions. In 2015, the strategy for sustainable development (SSD) of Bereza district up to 2030 was elaborated with assistance of german and belarusian national experts. Strategic objectives of SSD is to: 1: To apply green economy principles in the economy and everyday life with an emphasis on wise energy consumption and conservation of resources for future generations. 2: To develop and implement an advanced SMART model of economic development of the Bereza district with an increasing proportion of intellectual services, tourism and logistics to ensure the generation of high quality social and human potential with a constantly decreasing aggregate negative environmental impact. 3: To create conditions for the development and self-fulfillment of the human potential in today’s competitive labor market. 4: To promote the image of the Beryoza district as a steadily developing area of comfortable living. All objectives could be a subject for joint actions.

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