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Department development and operation residential communal menage Lviv regional state administration

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Департамент розвитку та експлуатації житлово-комунального господарства Львівської обласної державної адміністрації


st. Vynnychenka, 6, Lviv, Ukraine
79008 Lviv





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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Kovalenko Iryna

Position/function within the organisation

Deputy Head of Department




Project idea (in English)

Secondary treatment of wastewater from nutrients at wastewater treatment plants in the basin of Western Bug. The project involves monitoring of the current state and implementation of technologies of secondary treatment of wastewater at wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the basin of Western Bug to remove nutrients. High concentrations of nutrients in treated wastewater in the couple with thermal pollution lead to the eutrophication of water bodies, significantly worsening their sanitary conditions. In the frame of this project will be developed a methodology of the using of different methods of secondary wastewater treatment from nutrients depending on the capacity of the WWTP and on the available technology of wastewater treatment. The project will improve the sanitary condition of Western Bug river and its tributaries.

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