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Public association the "Brest regional center of assistance to development of agro-eco-tourism of "AGROECOTOUR"

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Общественное объединение «Брестский областной центр содействия развитию агроэкотуризма «АГРОЭКОТУР»


Brest, street Soviet, 80. cabinet 17-19
224030 Brest





Brest Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Ivachyov Aleksandr

Position/function within the organisation

The vice-chairman of public association


+ 375 29 620-28-03


Project idea (in English)

Goal: To promote the development of musical culture and preserve its historical heritage in the Euroregion "bug". Sub-goal: - Involving more people in the skills of playing musical instruments. - Implementation of innovative approaches and modern technical means in teaching methods (accelerated learning) - The interaction of public, private music schools (studios), faculty in the exchange of experience and joint projects. - Organization of annual music festivals to a memorable and significant dates in the region, "Music without borders" and "Jazz over the Bug." - To encourage the acquisition of skills in playing musical instruments people without limitation of age and people with disabilities. - To encourage self employment of musicians, to provide additional income for teachers. - To give brilliance and diversity in the formation of tourism infrastructure in cross-border regions. - To promote the diversion of young people from virtual reality to the live communication.

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