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Department for Fuel and Energy Sector and Energy Efficiency of Lviv Regional State Administration (Ukraine)

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Департамент паливно-енергетичного комплексу та енергозбереження Львівської обласної державної адміністрації (Україна)


ul. Wynnychenka, 18
790008 Lviv





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Mykhaylo Melnyk

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Project idea (in English)

Reduction of the negative impact of heating pollution of Western Bug River by means of installation of heat pumps at waste water treatment plants. Implementation of heat pump stations at wastewater treatment plants in the cities and towns of the Western Bug river basin. The project is ecologically oriented: the local communities will obtain cheap and environmentally friendly alternative source of thermal energy, emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced, significant reduction of thermal pollution of Western Bug river by the treated wastewater can be achieved. Installation of heat pumps only on the Lviv wastewater treatment plants potentially will provide about 100 MW of thermal capacity and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions of about 50,000 tons per year. The project is promising in terms of infrastructure development, especially in small towns. Reduction of thermal pollution will improve the sanitary condition of Western Bug river by increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen and improving the processes of self-purification.

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