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The Department of projects and programs of development local self-government Executive apparatus of the Tysmenitsia District Council Ivano-Frankivsk Region

Organisation name in national language

Відділ проектів та програм розвитку місцевого самоврядування виконавчого апарату Тисменицькї районної ради Івано-Франківської області


Tysmenytsia Town, st.Halytska, 17, of.304
74001 Tysmenytsia





Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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already have partners: Inspector of Monitoring and International Projects Unit Funds Raising Department Municipality of Rzeszow - Rzeszow City Office tel. 48 17 875 41 45 fax. 48 17 875 41 66 e-mail:

Name & surname

Yaroslav Tataryn

Position/function within the organisation

Head of Department




Project idea (in English)

Promotion of local culture and history is a very important element of people's life. It is possible through the following activities: 1) Promotion and preservation of culture through museums activities - Restoration of premises, The restoration of the exhibits, The creation of new museums (in the settlements), the new Museum rooms (a study of psychoanalysis in Freud’s memory) and the new interactive departments (Department of furriery, its history and practice), etc 2) Functioning in the settlements of the houses of culture, reading rooms, libraries 3) Support the activities of the ensembles, folk groups singing and dancing. The creation of new groups. 4) Hold a festivals, concerts, fairs, concerts. In 2017 the city of Tysmenytsia will celebrate 955 years from the date of the first mention. 5) Restoration of historical buildings and memorable places of the district: churches, temples, ancient buildings, the memorials and grounds, ancient burial. 6) create a portfolio-books about the District and the city Tysmenytsia

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