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Maria Curie Sklodowska University

Organisation name in national language

Uniwersytet Marii Curie Skłodowskiej


Pl. M. Curie Skłodowskiej 5
20-031 Lublin





Lubelskie Voivodeship


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation


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Name & surname

Karina Kasperek

Position/function within the organisation

Head of Scientific Research and International Cooperation Centre


+48 81 5375365


Project idea (in English)

- Development, demarcation and dissamination the route Lublin - Lviv (bicycle) that will be run by the Roztocze through areas of great natural value, cultural and historical, but it will not be doubling the route Krasnik - Zwierzyniec - Lviv. In the past, there was operated merchant trail running from Wroclaw, through Lublin to Lviv. - Development of twin centers of ecological education - one at Earth Sciences Faculty of MCSU and second - eg. at the similar Faculty of University of Ivan Franko, which will conduct activities for pupils and students. The topic will be Roztocze (Polish and Ukrainian). Practical education will be continued in Guciow (Roztocze Cross-border Tourism Centre). It will be the centers of teaching and research (laboratories). Activities: student placements (international), green schools, lessons in geography, biology, history, carrying out tourist guides training. Potential partners: University of Ivan Franko, Roztoczanski Park Narodowy and Jaworowski National Park, the local tourist organization (Polish and Ukrainian).

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