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The municipal unitary industrial enterprise Brest boiler econovy

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Коммунальное унитарное производственное предприятие "Брестское котельное хозяйство"


Fortechnya Street, 111
224024 Brest





Brest Oblast


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

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Anatoli Badykin

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Director of an enterprise




Project idea (in English)

In order to reduce air pollution on the bordering territories the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Poland, to reduce of gas consumption in the production of heat energy, to except operating inefficiently used boiler DKVR 10 in interheating period , we offer to introduce absorbing, litium-bromide heat pump (then ABHP) on the boiler room Рорlavskogo, 27. Introduction ABHP allows to utilize in the year 3000 Gcal of heat (in interheating period-2000Gcal), which are dissipating in the environment now. This introduction allows every year to save more than 200000 m3 of gas, which costs 56,2 thousand Euro. Introduction allows to reduce emissions CO2 in the air on 378,4 tons on the territory of Brest city, which borders with the Republic of Poland.

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