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NGO “Business Women Club” (BWC)

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общественное объединение "Клуб Деловых женщин"


Brest pl. Svobody 8.
Brest Brest





Brest Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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Larisa Istomova

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1. Contribution to the living standards rise, contribution to the protection of social and economic interests of the population of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Poland by means of introduction of the complex system for service providing. Individual approach and social assistance of each client are the key principles of the complex system for service providing. The service is to be provided on the assumption of crisis situation (case). The complex system for service providing includes assistance in overcoming life challenges and difficulties, minimizing of negative consequences of those, forming of positive orientations for the clients. This can be achieved by involving efforts and opportunities of subject matter experts and specialists (psychologist, lawyers, finance awareness specialists, career guidance specialists), and NGOs and governmental organizations. Establishing of such a system is directed to filling the needs and demands of the client, developing new behavior patterns in modern conditions, increasing of educational and informational level of clients. 2. Rising of public awareness of irregular migrants on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, in particular informing about their rights and responsibilities and assistance in forwarding integration processes.

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