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Commune Wiśniew

Organisation name in national language

Gmina Wiśniew


Siedlecka street 13
08-112 Wiśniew





Mazowieckie Voivodeship


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Krzysztof Kryszczuk

Position/function within the organisation

Wójt Gminy Wiśniew


25/ 6417-313


Project idea (in English)

The main objective of the project is to increase the utilization of the touristic potential and the natural environment of Wisniew commune in Siedlce district by improvement of the touristic infrastructure, promotion and strengthening the touristic and cultural relationships in the cross-border region.Actions focus will be improvement on the quality of touristic products and on professional promotional campaigns in order to fully utilize the cultural and historical inheritance of the commune. The actions will be include: demarcating and signposting biking trails of the cumulative length of approximately 67 km; installation of information boards and signs surrounding all tourist and historical attractions as well natural monuments; issuing of information boards located on a bicycle route; creating parking places on bicycle route; creating the cooperation digital platform to exchange information and experience; creation of the biking station in Myrcha village endowed with recreational equipment; publication of multilingual tourist guide and map.

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