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"TRANSTEKHNIKA" Belarusian Research Institute of Transport Republican Unitary Enterprise

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Республиканское унитарное предприятие "Белорусский научно-исследовательский институт транспорта "Транстехника"


Platonova Str., 22
220005 Minsk





Minsk Oblast


Priority 4.1 Support to border efficiency and security

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Aleksey Afanassiev

Position/function within the organisation

Head of water transport research department


+375 44 516 09 22


Project idea (in English)

"Acceleration of passage automobiles and trucks through the border entry points of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Poland" The need for high-speed passage of goods and people through the border entry points is connected with multiple causes: Economical reasons; Branding reasons; Logistical reasons; Reasons related to loss of production and related businesses because of violations of the terms of supply and the need for increase. Algorithm of actions: Analysis of the existing system of organization, of activities and motivation at checkpoints across the border; Identification and analysis of bottlenecks and hidden barriers to the effective work of border crossing points; Development of proposals on checkpoints activity optimization by "pointing" bottlenecks and creating a system of motivation; The implementation of the proposals in the form of a pilot project at one of the border crossing points with the Republic of Poland; Implementation of the project results at all checkpoints.

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