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Slonim district department of the Union of Poles in Belarus

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Слонимский районный отдел ОО "Союз Поляков на Беларуси"


ul.Socialisticheskaja 45
231800 Slonim






Grodno Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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already have partners: State Cultural Institution «Slonim center of culture and recreation"

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Natallia Zazulia

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Project idea (in English)

Festival "Polonaise" a significant cultural event of international level. It is a holiday that combines a deep respect for the present and the past. Already in the 18th century, Slonim was one of the many cultural centers of Poland. It Slonim land became the creative inspiration for an outstanding politician and statesman of Poland, the Polish poet, composer, philanthropist, Michal Kazimir Oginski. It is gratifying that the city has a centuries-old historical roots became significant in the 12 times the holiday destination of his Majesty's Polonaise, without which it is impossible to imagine European culture. Every year the festival take part the best dance orchestra, vocal choirs cities of Grodno Region and other areas of the Republic of Belarus, as well as other states. In the period from 2005 Slonimschina took more than 250 teams from Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Each regular meeting - it is a great and necessary work to revive and popularize the genre polonaise.

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