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InvestInRivne Agency

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Агенція ІнвестІнРівне


19 Hetmana Mazepy Street, Rivne, Ukraine
33028 Rivne





Rivnenska Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Dmytro Yanushevskyi

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The project on establishment of information and consulting tourist center “Multicultural Rivne”. Rivne region was historically multicultural region with a long history. By 1939 Rivne region was inhabited by variety of ethnic groups: Poles, Czechs, Ukrainian and others. But World War II changed the ethnic and architectural face of the city and the region. Today, understanding the importance of preserving historical memory and improving the touristic potential of the region citizens are implementing measures on memorialization and honoring consolidating memory seats of different nations, which inhabited the region in different historical stages. But the emphasis in historical narrative is in Ukrainian. For effective coordination of various civic initiatives we realize the necessity for establishing of Information Centre which will implement: 1. Free consulting for visitors of the region. 2. Foundation of Consulting Center in the city center. 3. Creating a tourism guide and online map. 4. Creating and distributing information leaflets in public places.

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