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Charity Foundation «Ihor Palytsia Foundation «Tilky Razom»

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Благодійний фонд "Фонд Ігоря Палиці "Тільки разом"


str. Vynnychenka, 26
43021 Lutsk





Volynska Oblast


Priority 3.2 Addressing common security challenges

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Olena Itani

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Advisor to the Chairman of the Board for International Affairs




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CBC Efficient Energy Management – energy security of Ukrainian-Polish-Belarusian border The Project Efficient Energy Management compares the practices in Ukraine, Poland and Belarus that apply to energy inspections, energy certificates and construction, heating, air-conditioning and electrification solutions. The preliminary assumption is that Ukraine and Belarus does not have as broad an energy inspection model as do Poland. There is thus interest to export energy advice expertise to Ukraine and Belarus. Thorough energy inspections and measurements will be conducted at the sites. Energy renovation measures will be planned based on the measurements. The process as a whole provides information on how different factors affect energy efficiency and its development particularly in Ukraine and Belarus. The project produces not only energy advice expertise, but also information on the conditions and markets. The main goal - strategy of efficient energy management will bring the sustainable energy security on four levels – individual, business, city and CBC region.

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