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Slonim district executive committee

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Слонимский районный исполнительный комитет


Krsnoarmeiskaya str. 40
231800 Slonim





Grodno Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Vice-chairperson of Slonim executive district committee


+ 375 33 312 92 10


Project idea (in English)

Project goal: elaboration and implementation of the public-private partnership mechanism a “good government” to improve employment opportunities for the population of Slonim District The implementation of the project is required, first of all, for unskilled workers and employees of industrial and agricultural enterprises, which are most vulnerable to the risks of unemployment and the risk that there will be no demand for them on the labour market. Special attention in the project will be given to young people, large and single-parent families and other socially vulnerable groups, as well as inhabitants of remote villages, where the number of jobs is limited in general. The project will primarily support initiatives aiming to improve employment opportunities and the development of micro-, small and medium businesses using alternative energy, renewable resources, based on the well waste management, organization of environmentally safe industries, enlarging the range of tourist services based on the cultural traditions of the territory.

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