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Information and Consultative Institution "Palesse Development Agency"

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Информационно-Консультативное Учреждение "Агентстсво Развития Полесья"


Kazhan-Garadok Gimbatava 2B
225660 Luninets





Brest Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Vital Karatysh

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The main objectives : - Develop cooperation between Belarusian and foreign NGOs, authorities, exchange of experience and best practices. - Facilitate communication between NGOs, active citizens and local authorities through the joint development of the brand and promotional products in the region. - Promoting investment through the distribution of image films and other products. The film about the Polish town and Luninets partner (a promo-video clip) will becreated within the project, the history of cooperation and we made other promotional products. In the first stage of the project will be held meeting, discussion, development of the script with the help of foreign partners, young people The essence of the project is to attract foreign partners, local authorities and active citizens of the region to create a fashion product, a short film, a brand of Luninets district + Polish region. The partner of the project from the local authorities is the Department of Economics of the Luninets District Executive Committee in the person of the chief of department Gulek Andrey Pavlovich.

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