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I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University

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ДВНЗ "Тернопільський державний медичний університет імені І. Я. Горбачевського МОЗ України"


M.Voli, 1
46001 Ternopil





Ternopilska Oblast


Priority 3.2 Addressing common security challenges

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Iuliia Pochynok

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Manager at International Relations Department


0038 0352 527854


Project idea (in English)

We propose to develop a program to ensure safety and access to the emergency health aid for the visitors of the main tourist destinations of the trans-border area, such as cemeteries, castle sites and nature reserves. Many people who come to these destinations are the elderly, visiting places connected to their family history. Thus, the program we propose will have the following components. 1) Creation of an educational and training facility for teaching first arid and safety procedures to tour guides, park rangers and other people involved in working with the tourist. Such a facility can be organized at Ternopil Sate Medical University, the staff of which already has good experience trading paramedics and first responders; 2) Development of a distance learning center for training tourism personnel using video conferencing and other distance learning methods; 3) Supplying first response teams with all necessary equipment.

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