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Department of Culture, Nationalities and Religions Kalush City Council

Organisation name in national language

Управління культури, національностей та релігій Калуської міської ради


I.Franka Str, 1, Kalush City, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine
77300 Kalush





Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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already have partners: Kalush social and cultural association "Nadsyannya", Kalush Polish Culture Society named after F.Karpinski

Name & surname

Ivanna Hryniv

Position/function within the organisation

Head of Department


+38 03472 62836


Project idea (in English)

Considering common history of Ukrainian and Polish peoples, living together in the same territory for centuries, for the purpose of the activation of Ukraine-Polish cultural relations and increasing tourist flows from Poland to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Poland, to create cultural events in Kalush city: devoted to the Ukrainian objects of cultural, historical and architectural heritage in Poland. In the former Polish People's House Society "Sokil" that is an architectural monument of the eighteenth century, create an Ukrainian-Polish cultural and artistic center. The project is planned to hold joint cultural events: the launch of the annual international Ukrainian-Polish Festival, during which art contests with artistic embroidery will be held, such as weaving, woodcarving, fairs and festivals and other songs. This will help to promote and maintain customs and traditions of both nations.

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