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International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarussian State University

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Международный государственный экологический институт им. А.Д. Сахарова Белорусского государственного университета


Dolgobrodskaya 23/1, Minsk, Belarus
220070 MInsk





Minsk Oblast


Priority 3.2 Addressing common security challenges

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Aliaksei Sysa

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Head of Department


+375 17 246 36 83; +375 29 303 49 31 (mob)


Project idea (in English)

Forest fires have an important influence on the vegetation cover, animals, plants, soil, stream flow, air quality, microclimate, and even general climate. In order to model a forest fire, the techniques for obtaining, analyzing and displaying spatial information in a a timely and cost-effective manner are needed. As forest fires are spatial, GIS is used as a tool for modeling. Idea is in improving the prevention of forest fires on the territory of State Environmental Research Institution “Polesye State Radiation-Ecological Reserve” and aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of measures to prevent fires, improved fire control system on the territory of PSRER. The project will contribute to the preparedness of PSRER administration to forest fires due to the development of capacities for the detection and suppression of forest fires via creation and implementation of a centralized IT GIS-system containing standard geospatial information, ensures the implementation of all forms of monitoring the state of forests, with a focus on forest fires.

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